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Quickly Start Your Website

The UPVOTE all-in-one campaign platform allows you to customize your campaign website without ever needing a web developer.

Your website lets supporters register in your database, donate to your campaign, and stay up-to-date on your campaign events, news, and more.

Spread Your Message

UPVOTE helps you spread your message to as many prospects as possible quickly and efficiently. Your “Issues” page lets you share your ideas and information your way.

Benchmark your campaign stats and update your page anytime to stay responsive and flexible on the campaign trail.

Blog to Win

Voters want to know more about you and they’re increasingly turning to the web to find information. Blogging is an effective way to educate voters on your political positions and keep your supporters informed about your campaign progress.

The UPVOTE blogging tool is packed with features that make it easy for you to create compelling blog articles and integrate them with your social media efforts.

Promote Your Events

Bring more supporters and donors out to meet you, face-to-face. Enhance the work you put into planning and coordinating events by sharing event details on your website. Make the most out of every campaign stop you make by spreading the word.

Share News Stories

Grow an active following by sharing relevant news articles on your UPVOTE website.

It’s as easy as posting a link. Our system will automatically grab relevant titles, images, and text and upload them to your feed.

See how Upvote can organize your campaign.

Website, content management, donations, email marketing and more. The ony service that does it all.

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