Running a modern campaign is complicated. We make it easier.

Not only do you, the candidate, have to worry about gaining favor with your voters, communicating your message, and fundraising to keep your campaign running, you also have to comply with a plethora of complicated federal and state campaign regulations. UPVOTE is here to help with our proprietary system that is fully compliant with federal election laws.

Here are some regulations you should be aware of:


All campaign contributions over $50 dollars must be accompanied with the name and address of the contributor. Additionally, the campaign treasurer must keep detailed records, including the dates, names, and addresses, of every contribution over $50 for at least three years (U.S.C. 52 ยง 30102).

  • Every state has their own campaign finance regulations. Many states require quarterly reportings of campaign contributions, and some require additional reports both before and after election day.


There are also rules and regulations regarding email campaigns, while most of these are only targeted at shutting down spammers, there are some rules that are overlooked by some campaigns. The CAN-SPAM Act that went into effect in 2003, determines the rules that must be followed by all commercial entities.

  • To avoid potentially large fines always be sure that you have permission to contact every member of your email list and be sure to never use misleading language in fundraising efforts.

UPVOTE has built its system with these regulations in mind so you can enjoy peace of mind that your online campaign efforts are compliant with the law. With UPVOTE you have the ability to export into a .csv file to report all finances with your personal records.